Good Jobs

Many of our friends, neighbors, and family members have been affected by job layoffs and the downturn in the economy. Under the prior administration, our business climate in Wisconsin was one of the worst in the country. Fortunately, we have made the necessary policy changes that have resulted in a dramatic improvement in our business climate. As a result, our unemployment rate has dropped significantly as our employers have added jobs.

I have experience in job creation and bring those skills to state government. I will fight to contine to improve the business climate in our state.


We need to continue to grow our private sector. Good paying private sector jobs generate the taxes that fund all of the services that we enjoy. I will continue to work closely with our local employers and remove barriers to their growth.

Health Care Experience

I was elected and served for ten years on the Board of Directors of a not-for-profit community hospital. I served almost four years as the Board Chair of the hospital. I currently serve on the Board of Directors of UW Health.  I have a good understanding of health care economics, and respect the importance of community hospitals in our community's health. Additionally, my wife, Peggy, is a Registed Nurse. She is a source of information of issues affecting the health care community.


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